About Fisher Island’s Playground

David Bruce McMahan’s Contribution

The Fisher Island Playground, rebuilt from the ground up in 2005, offers numerous state of the art play structures, all distributed over an especially prepared foundation.

Cedrik Denain, of the ASR Construction Co. Inc., prepared the ground for the play area by digging down a foot deep and filling it with rubberized material, to create a springy, bouncy surface. The rubberized under floor is covered with astro-turf, making it very soft and safe.

The play structures include an accessible Big Cottage with several tunnels and slides, an inground Rock ‘n Cross, a playhouse, swings with four-belt seats, scrambler and rabbit riding toys, a series of ramps with various entry and exit ways, and most fun of all, a coastal structure with rails that moves along when wound by a crank.

There is also a shade zone with picnic tables and benches, right next to the chain link fence that divides the play area from the dog park, so that caretakers can keep an eye on their dogs and their children at the same time.

David Bruce McMahan, one of the island’s resident philanthropists and the father of two toddler age children, donated the playground equipment. There is a plaque dedicating the playground to McMahan and his family